Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Laundry Bag for College!!!

I simply bought three yards of House ware fabric and cut it to a piece 58'' by 28'' i then folded the two short sides over a 1/4 of an inch and stitched them. I then Folded the top edge over about an inch (eyeballed) and stitched it down, i wanted to make sure i would have enough room to pull the Safety pin with the draw string through! i then folded the bag over and sewed the two remaining raw edges together. I pulled the draw string through with a safety pin and tied it. using a fork i frayed the ended of the string to make it look a little better! I then Simply inserted the bag into the basket, the bag becomes a liner for the basket and i can simply pull it out when its full and carry it to the laundry room that is located outside the apartment, and if i need to go to the laundry mat it looks better than carrying a basket with all my clothes hanging out!!!

Graduation Dress for ABW!!!

I made this dress for my mom to wear to South Jefferson Central High Schools Graduation Commencement Exercises! The inspiration for this dress was Pucci! The bow tie is my design too!